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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  June 14, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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to he's wanted for a series of attacks over an 8-year span on women in our area. today, they added a tenth camp. that will be live in northwest washington with new developments. >> reporter: there have been so many because there were just so many here. to the potomac river, it comes from the new dna evidence. there was a woman walking down mcarthur boulevard. that will be the trail for you today. not only for the mpd that was involved, over america's most wanted is on board here too to catch this guy. >> and this guy, he hunts women because, you know, of what has happened. >> the individual that we have dubbed the potomac river rapist. >> again, we're asking for the public's help. >> reporter: they will bring to 10. the number of chilling attacks
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linked to the single suspect who is still at large. the last sign of him, august of 1998. and when the 28-year-old intern was ambushed, raped, beaten to death with a rock while walking along canal road near georgetown university. other victims survived. most from montgomery county who were ambushed in their homes. then the predators vanishedded. >> somebody knows something about this guy. they suspect something about them. and they may have bragged about it. it took about 27 years for you to solve my son, adam's case. it p and i know the pain they are all going through. the not knowing, the not knowing who is out. and a dangerous sexual predator. and they bled to death. and some of them were working in their home where this woman stocks and follows the women.
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>> they will be featuring this case on america's most wanted. they are hoping that tips will flood into fbi even before that. reporting live on the boulevard, scott broom, 9news now. >> scott, let's hope they get him soon. d.c. police are also on the lookout for the person that killed a popular deli owner. i'm kristin fisher, outside the grace deli where the owner, the 65-year-old june lim was shot in the deck during an apparent robbery. >> you know, it was just before her time. why the individual or the individuals couldn't just take the money and leave. >> reporter: he rushed to the store as soon as he heard what happened to his mother. detectives broke the news to him. it's impossible to hold back the heartbreak. >> this is very real. >> reporter: june started her day like every other day. she pulled up in her toyotacamry and opened up the
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front gates. >> she was unloading supplies. apparently someone must have followed her in. >> reporter: police say they have hardly any information about who that someone is. whoever it was was long gone by the time the first employee showed up to work finding june's body behind the counter. >> we'll tell you there were no signs of forced entry. >> reporter: in northeast washington, kristin fisher, 9news now. a former fairfax county football coach is under arrest tonight accused of conspiracying to distribute illegal steroids. he's the 43-year-old jeffrey reagan of bristol. he used to coach at south county high and taught at mountainview alternative learning center. police have also arrested his allege supplier, 35-year-old jeremy helding of leesburg. two more young men took the stand today to accuse jerry sandusky of sexually abusing them when they were young boys. sandusky, of course, is the former assistant football coach at penn state. he's accused of molesting 10 boys over the span of 15 years.
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he denies doing anything wrong. the defense team is expected to start presenting their case on monday. the pentagon police tonight are trying out the airport body scanners, despite the viral video that suggests they are easily defeated. first, bruce leshan reports what happened when he put them to the test. >> and i will need you to also remove your belt. >> reporter: the pentagon forced protection agency would like everyone to know. >> place your feet here in the blue squares. >> reporter: that they are trying out the back scanners at the visitor's center. >> the yellow squares indicate where a threat happened, or where it was located. >> they detected the nano that i had on my tie. >> reporter: but pentagon police say they are well aware about the florida bloggers video that reports show him easily fooling similar scanners at two different airports. >> we're not just relying on this instrument soully. but we're looking at the number of different approaches they
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would like the transportation secretary to put us all in. >> reporter: the scanners only take images front and back. >> they are drawn with great colors placed on the backside. >> reporter: any threats are black too. so the 27-year-old jonathan corbitt sewed a pocket on his side. >> the heavy metal carrying case. >> reporter: and was able to slip right through security. >> and i exit with the object without any complaints from the tsa. >> reporter: we wanted to see if we could replicate what the blogger found. so i took some keys, put them in the sun glass case, zipped it up, putting it right at the side of my body and then walked through. >> feet inside the blue square please. >> reporter: the pentagon scanner had no trouble picking up mine. >> there was a sun glass case clipped on the side of the individual's right pocket. luckily it did not show me naked. >> no security system is 100% perfect. we would abide it if it existed. >> reporter: but at least they failed to detect the system,
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where the pentagon is trying it out. bruce leshan, 9news now. well, the tsa says that they have tested those scanners successfully where thousands happened at a time and they are the best available technology for detecting explosives. on to the campaign 2012. do voters in virginia care what the politician from florida has to say about the virginia rates percent? well, they hope so. he is running for the senator in virginia and today, he brought his campaign to a small flower gift shop in arlington and brought along the senator from florida, rubio. rubio offered allen his endorsement. >> you had a chance to elect someone like george allen that will be a leader from day one. he's not going to have to take the orientation course. >> allen is a former senator as well as the former governor. do you remember obama girl making headlines back in 2007 for her online song about the
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presidential nominee. now, right in time for the next election, obama boy. ♪ [ music ] ♪ [ music ] >> the video was released on youtube earlier this week. and it was the same tune as the original obama girl. the creators would like to show their support for the president's announcement earlier this year. oh my, shaking with feelings. coming up next, surviving cancer. a new report says that the number of cancer survivors will grow significantly over the next decade. we'll take a look at some of the reasons why coming up at 7:00. >> see you then, lesli. still to come in this half hour of 9news, some changes on the horizon for metro and the people that ride it. what you need to know about
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rush flex. topper? another fantastic day. temperatures are a little below average, which is a good thing at this time of the year. we'll take you out to show you the numbers. 82 and 68 at national, 85 now and 66 were the averages. record high, 98. you might remember that back in 1994 and the record low set at 63. we'll take you back to history in 1989 on this date, pretty cool stuff. stay tuned. up next, the $10,000 project that is good enough to eat. in fact, is that camo icing? we'll be right back.
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it was sticky, actually. >> that's the chairman of the joint chief of staff. talking about his time inside a cupcake tanker. and the entire tank is made of cupcakes. on the way to the pentagon to
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mark the 237th birthday of the u.s. army. the 6,000 cupcake creation was also capable of firing some of the sweet baked goods. anded today by the way, it is also flag day, which marks the day back in 1977, when they adopted the flag of the united states. a human robot drawing worldwide attention for the life-like resemblance to the creator. and yeah, that's the robot from the hair to clothing, even scars. the process he invented the robot to investigate the interactions between the robot and the humans is one of the main attractions taking place this week in lima, peru. and still ahead tonight on 9news. traffic backups on the beltway in college park. that's not new. but what caused it last night, it definitely was.
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all right u the status of the roadwork here. today, they will be joining the department of transportation to officially kick off the project. between now and next spring, crews, they will reconstruct the sidewalks, repair and widen parts between 9th and the 14th. marking the start of the whole new time on metro. even before they take effect. they are getting a lot of negative reaction. we road the blue lines for you today to help clear up some of the confusion. >> reporter: the orange line carries more passengers than any other metro railline because they will get so crowded during the -- during rush hour. they dubbed it operation crush. >> sometimes you can't get on. >> reporter: monday, help is on the way in the largest system that has been changed since rolling their first trains out. but they might leave some of the passengers perplexed. >> have you heard anything about rush plus? >> i heard a little bit.
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>> reporter: come monday, they will give you more trains come rush hour. >> it's great. >> it is not that great. but the blue line will be losing trains during the rush hour time, which means they will need to wait up to 12 minutes for a train. but they are bringing more options as well at the end of the blue line at springfield, they will also be able to catch the rush plus yellow train. >> but it is not all bad for folks here in springfield or alexandria. for example, if you pick up the train in fran kenya and you want to get here, it will be all the way for a 40-minute ride. and you can take the yellow train for only 28 minutes. >> reporter: they are also getting the orange line for the additional final destination during rush hour at the largo town center and it will continue on to green belt along the green line. with the yellow trains on the
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green line and the yell he and blue pairing up too, you can't rely on color anymore. >> it seems confusing. like you need to be paying a little more attention than what some people might. >> all right, thanks for that report. just about two weeks after, they will get ready. as of july 1, they will all start at $1.70, going to $3.50 a trip. it will be eliminated. now, listen if you are still using the paper fee, you'll be charged $1 on every trip you can take. time to get a smart card. you can learn more about the fare changes and rush plus, which is all on the virginia department of transportation says that nearly 25,000 people have submitted comments about plans to start charging $1 surcharge for ez pass users. guess what, almost all of them don't like it. virginia's highway commissioner says that these comments will be taken into account, but a decision will be made for vdot, but they need to start charging
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the fees to keep up with the cost of operating the program. twitter is buzzing overnight with messages that were out of this world. people started posting pictures like this one, asking if they were seeing a ufo on the beltway, but it turns out their close encounter was a bit more down to earth. maryland state police say that the vehicle folks saw in the college park area was actually an unmanned vehicle built by this man. the vehicle is being tested to take off and land on aircraft carriers. but if i'm on the beltway, i'm not expecting that. >> no, you'll see it here. >> yeah, you really do. >> it looked like a ufo. >> it did. it's a great picture. all right, we have had a great day and a pretty nice string of weather, especially for dad. warming up just a little bit. on this date back in 1989, it will be a different story, anita. i mean a massive thunderstorm hit with a big down burst win up to 85 miles per hour in the northwest. some estimates, 10% of all
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mature trees were taken down in d.c. some folks were without power for three weeks, okay? >> yeah. >> at least it was warm coming on the heels of the third wettest may on record. over 7 inches of rain in may where most of the trees came uprooted with the thunderstorms. for more on that, go to our website on and check out my blog. it's a different story tonight. it is very nice after the high of 82. temperatures are still in the lower 80s. this is mounted on the tower here. it is looking north, now at wisconsin avenue towards bethesda. it is brought to you by michael and son. temperatures are still at 82 right now. dew points at 68. that's comfortable. you can open up your windows all the time. yesterday they were in the 40s. it will be cold. tonight, you probably can. winds are easterly at 8. all right satellite picture, radar combined. just see the clouds coming in because of the easterly flow which will be coming off to be the case again tomorrow. still a very nice day.
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just not exactly crystal clear. 78 right now in bethesda. 81 in rockville. we're looking at 77 in gaithersburg. upper 70s in great falls. 76 in reston and 79 in leesburg, down towards manassas. 61 in college park and still 80 in beltsville. so now a nice pleasant finish for the week. open up your windows tonight. we'll have some clouds again tomorrow. much like today, a mix of clouds and sun. warming up over the weekend, but not uncomfortable -- uncomfortably so. and now remember that the nats are hosting the yankees on friday, saturday, sunday. take it to the ballpark. for tonight, partly to mostly cloudy and comfortable. open up the windows to the mid- 60s downtown. tomorrow morning, partly sunny and pleasant with the 60s and the 70s. the air quality is code green. then by the afternoon, much like today, very nice, partly cloudy and pleasant with the high temperatures around 80 and the winds are easterly at about 10. we'll break it down for you, 58 to 68 to start and then 74 to
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80 by lunchtime, walking to lunch, no worries. by the evening hours, 78 to about 82. the next three days. the 9 weather alerts, they will be all green. 82 on saturday, partly cloudy, 85 for sad on sunday and also partly cloudy. the next seven days, warming it up on monday. back into the upper 80s. then we're anywhering with 90 on tuesday. then by wednesday, thursday next week, we should be over 90 degrees with the isolated showers and thunderstorms. and remember that we are about five inches behind for the year and rainfall if you water up your grass or plants to do it in the morning, not in the evening, which will promote fungus. >> no, i don't want that. certainly, not on the plants that have been cultivating. >> exactly. >> round one u.s. open, lots of eyes are on tiger. >> yes, lots of eyes are on tiger, trying to get it done. again, it's been about four years since they won their first major. and it will be off to a great start today. we'll take a look at the ups and downs as day one of the u.s. open comes to an end.
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plus, a look at matt cain's perfect game last night, and why this performance is being hailed as one of the best, which is coming up next in sports.
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you couldn't ask for a better grouping of the major golf tournament.
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and they are all coming up together at the u.s. open out in san francisco. they will plan to feed off of tomorrow's game, but thankfully for tiger today, that was not the case. he's got a very long birdie puck right into -- put right here and he looks relieved. he is 1-under. phil mick l son, i'm sorry, don't look at this. they first lost in the woods. shooting 6 over 76 today where he had hoped to come back. and take a look at last year's winner, running away with the congressional the days are not a good start. tied for 52nd. >> he played well today. and i felt like i had control of the game here all day. and i just stuck to the game plan. and i executed my game plan. >> here is a look at the leader
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board. they are your leader right now at 4-0. tiger woods is in a 7- way tie. still tied at this game right here. yikes. not a good day for them. all right, the nba draft is just two weeks away. busy all day, giving you an upclose look at the potential draft picks. they hosted the d.c. native. today, his teammate worked out with three others today, including the three years when he was the all-time leader. today, he addressed why he decided to leave school early on. i have done three years. i almost felt like, you know, where i have gotten most of those levels. they need to improve the games. >> reporter: the former redskins player has the view with the st. louis rams.
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he lost his starting job last year. he will face his former teammate during the second week of the season. finally tonight, he threw the 20th baseball game. and the second perfect game. and they rolled it after, and they felt so spectacular. that will be the minimum 27 batters. the 14th strikeout is tied in the most ever for the perfect game. most are saying that it is one of the most predominatings performances they have seen in a perfect game, which is just exciting to watch. the teammate, hurt their leg celebrating the perfect view. >> yeah, they got a little crazy. he might be done for the season. >> oh no. >> i don't want that. you need to be careful. all right, that's it for us at 6:00. stay with us for the cbs evening news. and we've got your newscast here at 7:00 tonight. don't forget to join our morning team at 4:25 a.m. we'll see you later.
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